Journal 1 of wjmc2016

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If I had to choose one word to describe my day, I would choose adventurous. Long hours of the day spent walking, sightseeing, and exploring. It started off with a great speech from Hoda Kotb, co-anchor of the Today’s Show, explaining her journey into journalism. She shared her trials, motivations, and experiences. She said things like “Don’t hog your journey” and “Embrace who you are,” things that we can actually relate to and take along with us. She was a great way to start off the day because of the energy she brought.

After lunch, we went to Newseum in D.C. There I learned about the Vietnamese War, cried actual tears from watching a 9/11 document, and conquered my fear of heights. I also went in-depth of the Civil Rights Movement in which I’ve used as a motive. People such as Martin Luther King Jr., or groups like the Black Panthers were all shown today. We may not know the exact truth behind them, but at least we have some idea.

Lastly, we visited the Lincoln memorial. This was the most insightful visit of the day for me. I stood where Martin Luther King Jr. once stood. I faced where he faced a crowd of over 20,000,000 African Americans. I felt as if I had accomplished so much just by being there. I plan to return someday. Maybe even make my own speech there….One day….

“You can only dream as big as the stars” -Unknown


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